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A skip hire company that supports jewish charities

We speak to one skip hire company who actively sponsors charities. Giving to charity used to be the pursuit typically of larger companies but recently there has been a major trend to small businesses giving more and more. In fact one recent study has shown that contributions make by small businesses such as Apex skip hire that offers skip hire Stoke on Trent have come to eclipse donations given by larger corporations.

skip hire charity

Why does a skip hire give to charity?

Having spoken to Apex skip hire, they tell us that the reason that they give so readily is because they want to make a difference in their local communities. They offer services like skip hire Stafford but also give readily to charities in their local area. They also said that they’ve found the more that they give, the more that they get back. Once survey suggests that companies that give to charity are far more likely to retain their customers because their customers know that some of the money that they pay to the company is going to make a real difference.

We spoke to a number of companies about how they contribute to their chosen charities and we noticed there has been a trend into how they give. Many companies are choosing to offer their services to charities for free rather than giving them money. This is perhaps an understandable trend in the sense that companies can offer their services such as skip hire, publicise that they provide for charities whilst simultaneous helping their communities out.

Charities work to secure ethically sourced Wood

ethical wood

In recent years there has been a trend towards people buying goods that are made only from ethically sourced materials, these include jewellery, animal products and now increasingly wood furniture and materials. It can be tempting to think that rainforests are places in far away lands that aren’t connected to people in the UK, however illegal logging operations in places like the Amazon Rainforest can have detrimental environmental impacts on every country.

ethical wood

How can we be sure though that the furniture that we use and the wood that it is made from has been ethically sourced from sustainable tree plantations? Well there are many tips provided by charities and organisations such as the Woodland Trust. You also need to pay a close attention yourself and actively as manufacturers and sellers where their wood has been sourced from as this information isn’t always readily available.

Even at this moment, wood is being taken from national parks all across the world, this is often done illegally and due to the massive scale and difficulties in monitoring activities, criminals often go undetected. Not only are these illegal activities but they also have a terrible impact on the local communities that often live in these areas.

What makes these crimes profitable is the wests appetite for rare and fine wood and their ability to turn a blind eye to its origin. As long as people don’t ask questions, it is likely that this illegal logging will continue. It is down to both customers and importers to ask questions of the people that they source their wood from.

For example, the next time you’re adding wood to your home in any form, whether it’s larch cladding form Siberia like these here or wood including western red cedar like this, be sure to ask where it has come from. The above mentioned is only sourced from sustainable, responsibly managed sources and is used as an example of good practice.

Luckily, there was a significant step forward back in 2013 following a European Union law to ban sales of illegally obtained timber and wood. This change in thinking will go a long way to curb these issues but won’t cut it out entirely. In order to do this, the demand for such materials has to dry up and this is down to the individual consumer.

Why donate to a charity?

There are so many ways for us to spend our hard earned money, we can buy ourselves new gadgets, new cars, go on holidays, the list is endless. Rather than rewarding and treating ourselves though, what if we spent the money on something that would make someone else happy?

The renowned Harvard Business School recently conducted a study that sort to find out how giving to other actually benefits the person who is giving. We all know that helping someone else out can make us feel good ourselves and isn’t a particularly revolutionary idea, there are way that you may not realise that giving to others benefits ourselves, whether this is spiritually, psychologically or emotionally.

So why should you give to charities?

There are directly tangible benefits from giving to charity. Although not usually the sole reason for giving many people find benefits in the sense that charity donations are usually tax deductible, meaning that they can actually lower the amount that a person owes to the tax man. What not many people know is that activities surrounding giving to charity such as event costs, travel and food expenses can also usually be written off against tax too.

The emotional value of giving to charity

Very often helping other not only helps the person receiving but can leave the giver with a sense of positive wellbeing. This usually comes from the fact that you have knowingly given up something of value to you that you needed in order to benefit someone else, this often gives peoples lives a sense of purpose and satisfaction

Giving to charity can keep you informed

Research has found that people who give to charity are much more informed about that cause and other causes in general. The reasons for this are fairly straightforward in the sense that people tend to give to a cause that they know about and actively go out there to find out about. Charities often send informational material to keep people updated on themselves and other charities too.

Charitable donations help spirituality

Most religions encourage charitable giving to those who need it. The reason behind this is that giving to others can instil feelings of spirituality, that you are making a positive difference to another human being.

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Charities that build and decorate homes

brick laying

A shortage of clean and sanitised homes is an incredibly important problem across many ‘third world’ and South American countries. So much so in fact, that there a a whole range of charities that help out in these areas that focus exclusively on building homes in impoverished areas and communities.

brick laying

By helping locals to build homes charities are providing sustainable help. They’re not simply giving money and hoping that the problem goes away but rather providing a longterm solution to a very real problem. One a community has homes to live in that are clean and have sanitation, they can go on helping themselves whether this is through agriculture or building similar homes for others.

Because of the need for homes and the variety of skills that are needed to build them, many people in the West volunteer to go out to these countries. There’s usually something that people can help out with even if they don’t possess skills like brick laying or plumbing, decorators are also needed for putting up wall decorations on brick, wallpapering bathrooms, tiling kitchens, general cleaning or helping with the moving of building materials.

Building projects also offer unique opportunities to the volunteers too. Many volunteers report having life changing experiences that give them a greater appreciation of the lives that they lead and the privileges that they enjoy. People have the opportunity to travel to places that they may not other wise go, for example there are projects featured in Costa Rica and Ghana

Building projects don’t discriminate on age or gender either, so they’re open to anyone that wants to help out as long as their physically fit. Not only this but they are generally flexible when it comes to time frames, people can go out and help for two weeks or two years depending on what they are able to manage.

So whether you’re aim is to build walls, decorate and wallpaper homes, fit plumbing or just help out in general, a house building project for a charity may just be the right answer.

How the World Jewish Aid assisted survivors of Typhoon Haiyan

typhoon haiyan

Although not given a huge amount of media attention in the West, Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines hard back in 2013. It caused devastating damage to buildings, livelihoods and communities. People there were in desperate need of assistance of any kind and luckily they found it in the WJF (world Jewish relief).

The WJF travelled directly to the country to help the survivors and victims and to speak with them first hand. Since they launched their aid program here they have since re-visited their projects there to find out exactly what differences they have made in communities in order to report back to their supporters on the impact that their donations have had.

typhoon haiyan

The WJF spoke with a range of people they had helped including farmers, mothers and grandmothers, all of whom were effected in some way by this natural disaster. Famers they spoke to gave thanks to them for providing much needed equipment to help them get back to work in producing food that would get the country back on its feet. Because of the aid and assistance delivered such farmers were able to begin raising livestock and planting their crops again, a remarkable turnaround from the wastelands that the typhoon created.

The WJF helped members of the community

Older members of the Philippine community relayed back how grateful they were for the help they received too. Many grandparents thanked the organisation’s members for the tools and equipment they delivered that are not actively being used to grow new crops and food. Tools like this proved essential after the typhoon as it decimated trees and plantations. The winds whipped through fields and destroyed entire farms and livelihoods.

From the people spoken too it was apparent that they were immensely grateful for the aid received in its various forms. From the WJF’s website they mention how a mother of 5 faced a desperate situation of having to borrow money to feed her family after her plantations were wiped out in the disaster. After the delivery of farming equipment though, she is able to feed her children and think about starting to make rep

It is exactly this kind of aid effort that makes the WJF so unique. They achieve direct results in communities that need it most.

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