Ethiopia - Masho Grinding Mill

The aim of this project, conceived by the Gamo Development Trust, is to set up a grinding mill in the community of Masho, in south west Ethiopia.


Dena Freeman, founder of the Trust, lived in Ethiopia for two years as a social anthropologist.  Staying with a local family in rural Masho, Dena realised that people were keen to improve their situation, but lacked the resources and contacts needed to initiate appropriate schemes in this poor, underdeveloped region.


The women of Masho currently struggle to grind grain by hand, or otherwise carry extremely heavy loads to the nearest mill, some two hours walk from the area.

The mill will function as a community business, and will also generate much needed income for further local development projects.


On returning to Masho in April 2003, Dena found that the community saw its most important need to be a grinding mill. A project committee has been set up to manage

the work, which will provide regular employment for four individuals.


The mill should function for more than 20 years, improving the daily lives of local people and generating income to ensure future investment in development.