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World Jewish Aid has launched an appeal for the victims of the Tsunami in Asia which has caused the death of over 220,000 people and many more are missing, injured, bereft and left with nothing. It is a quite horrendous situation.  


The aim of the aid is to help people survive. As the situation deteriorates water contamination and disease threaten the lives of the survivors. Our partners on the ground in India, Indonesia and other affected areas are slowly being able to tell us where the aid should be directed so we can target our response.  


It is important that there is a Jewish response to this disaster - it is our responsibility to show what a positive part we, AS JEWS, play in the world as a whole.  


World Jewish Aid's appeal has cross communal support from: The Chief Rabbi with the United Synagogue; The Reform Synagogues of Great Britain; Liberal Judaism; The Assembly of Masorti Synagogues; The Spanish & Portuguese Jews Congregation, London; Tzedek; The Board of Deputies of British Jews; B'nai B'rith UK; The Federation of Synagogues.


Through our partners we have been in contact with the local Jewish communities in both India and Myanmar. Both have confirmed that there are no victims among the Jewish communities there.


We receive regular updates and if anyone requires further information the UK Government site ( is continually updated.


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Here to help in a disaster

When there is a disaster to which the international community responds we appeal to the UK Jewish community to play its part.  There is a responsibility in Judaism to direct our charitable works not only at Jewish causes.


As Rabbi Soloveitchik wrote in his work Confrontation:

 � we are charged with responsibility for the great confrontation of man with the cosmos. We are involved with the rest of mankind in that confrontation; we co-ordinate our efforts�we stand shoulder to shoulder with mankind�for the welfare of all.


It is in this spirit that World Jewish Aid has mobilised the Jewish community to respond to this disaster.

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India: Gujarat Earthquake 2001
In 2001 when a massive earthquake hit Gujarat India, we raised �50,000 from the UK Jewish community for emergency aid and ensured that the rebuilding of the affected communities couild start.
Iran: Bam Earthquake 2003
An earthquake hit the Iranian city of Bam on 26 December 2003 leaving 30,000 people dead and another 80,000 homeless. The Jewish community in Iran immediately set up support systems to help their fellow citizens.
Malawi - Chembe AIDS Project (CAP) � Malawi
From September to December 2002 we raised �50,000 for famine Relief in Southern Africa. One of the projects supported was the CAP - an HIV/AIDS project in Chembe, Malawi, set up by two Israeli women introduced to us by Israeli colleagues.
Sudan: Darfur Emergency Relief
The situation in Darfur, in Western Sudan is growing worse and ethnic related violence continues unabated. It is important that we as Jews do not stand by in the face of such violence and support the efforts to help those in need as a result of the conflict.
WJAID Press Release - January 2005